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2019/08/29 | Mongabay
OPINION: Brazil's Sovereignty Depends on a Healthy Amazon
A healthy and productive Amazon actually underpins Brazil’s sovereignty by strengthening food, water, and energy security, while supporting good relations with its neighbors.
2016/02/16 | TNL 編輯
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Join Fight Against Zika
With more and more people being infected with the Zika virus, many countries are seeking solutions to tackle mosquito-borne diseases, including Taiwan, the UK and Brazil.
2016/01/28 | TNL 編輯
First Zika Case In Taiwan And The Virus Casting Shadow On The 2016 Olympics
Zika has seen its first case in Taiwan on January 19 and the virus’ outbreak in Brazil has drawn world attention as it’s found to be related to microcephaly: babies born with abnormally small heads. With mosquitos being its vector, there are concerns that the outbreak would not be stopped before the 2016 Olympics this August.