Boris Johnson

鮑里斯·強森(英語:Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson;1964年6月19日-),英國保守黨籍政治人物,曾任英國首相及保守黨領袖,也是一位通俗史學家和文學作家,早年任職於傳播媒體界,有報社記者、雜誌編輯、電視節目策劃等相關職務的工作經歷。 --來自 維基百科


2020/07/15 | Voice of America

Britain's Huawei Ban Resets Relations With China

British officials are bracing for a fierce reaction from Beijing following London's decision to block Chinese tech giant from playing any role in development of Britain’s 5G phone network.

2020/06/17 | Voice of America

Rhetoric or Reality? Britain’s Hong Kong Passport Offer Angers China

Beijing has warned that the British offer of citizenship to Hongkongers would breach the 1997 Joint Declaration. Until recently, Britain agreed with that verdict. But China’s attempt to impose the new security law appears to have changed the calculation in London.