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2017/06/17 | Mike Gaworecki
New ‘Elfin Toad’ Discovered in Vietnam
A new species of Asian mountain toad belonging to the genus Ophryophryne has been discovered in the Truong Son or Annamite mountains of Vietnam, an area of high diversity for the group.
2017/06/09 | Maxine Chen
Lizard DNA has Surprising Lessons for India's Grasslands
Unexpected diversity of a family of lizards in India implies that tropical grasslands are not human-made ecosystems as often argued.
2017/03/15 | Basten Gokkon
Alarms Raised as Timber Firm Said to Pierce One of Indonesia’s Last Orangutan Strongholds
Environmentalists are desperately calling for President Joko Widodo’s administration to put a stop to the company’s land clearing in the Sungai Putri forest of Borneo.