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2018/07/16 | David Green
Taiwan's STOMAP Wants to Indoor Map You and Your Data
The company's tech allows data partners to track people and their activities in large-scale indoor environments. with a minimum of manpower.
2018/03/12 | Mong Palatino
Vietnam Cracks Down Harder on Dissenters and Activists
Data shows that persecution of dissenters increased in 2017, as did the proportion of harsh prison sentences handed out to writers and peaceful activists.
2018/03/09 | Shreya Dasgupta
New Maps Reveal the Extent of Global Industrial Fishing
By one measure, Taiwan was the second-largest fishing nation in the world, beaten only by China.
Big Data & AI Harnessed to Perfect the Police State in China
The increasing sophistication and reach of the country’s AI-enabled police-state apparatus mean that it is possible that Liu’s peaceful, moderate and incremental goals for political liberalization might lapse into dormancy for the foreseeable future.
2016/11/21 | Yan Jie
China’s Courts Look to A.I. for Smarter Judgments
Big data and machine learning artificial intelligence to make China’s judicial system more intelligent and efficient?