Berlin Wall

柏林圍牆又稱柏林牆(德語:Berliner Mauer)是二次世界大戰後德國分裂期間,隸屬於社會主義國家的德意志民主共和國(東德)政府環繞西柏林邊境修築的全封閉邊防系統。 --來自 維基百科


2019/11/04 | Deutsche Welle

Kashmir: Independence Activists Draw Inspiration From German Reunification

Calls for a free Kashmir are becoming louder on both sides of the divided region. Can the German reunification model be applied to the India- and Pakistan-ruled Kashmir? And what can Kashmiris learn from it?

2017/09/11 | Jong–Wha Lee & Warwick McKibbin

Get Ready for Unification: South Korea's Looming 'Berlin Wall' Moment

'The consequences of Korean unification, while important in economic terms, can also have far-reaching consequences for the political and strategic relationships among Asian nations as well as the international order.'