北京市,通稱北京(漢語拼音:Běijīng;郵政式拼音:Peking),簡稱「京」,是中華人民共和國的首都及直轄市,是中國的政治、文化、科技和國際交往中心,是世界人口第三多的城市和人口最多的首都,具有重要的國際影響力。 --來自 維基百科

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2017/04/24 | Matthew Geason

OPINION: Hold Beijing to Account on Hong Kong’s Regression

As Hong Kong is truly a global city and an international economic hub, the United States and the rest of the democratic world have an interest in seeing the preservation of Hong Kong’s democracy and ensuring that Beijing is held accountable, argues Matthew Geason.

2017/04/11 | FORTUNE

Trump Paints an Overly Rosy Picture Of His Meeting With China’s Xi Jinping

As long as economic nationalists and establishment pragmatists in the White House wage pitched battles over the China policy and Beijing and Washington continue to see each other as potential adversaries, Trump’s prediction that the 'lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away' will turn out to be wildly optimistic.

2017/04/07 | Darren J. Lim and Victor Ferguson

Costs of Chinese Boycotts Cut Both Ways

South Korea joins a growing list of countries suffering economic losses after making political or security decisions in the face of objections from Beijing

2017/03/24 | Steven Yet

Hong Kong Election: A Choice Between Lesser Evils

If Beijing continues to run a shallow election, picking a ‘lesser evil’ is just another façade.

2017/02/21 | Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong's Stalemate with Beijing and Basic Law Constraints

Is Beijing's patience running thin on its stalemate with Hong Kong’s democracy movement?

2017/02/18 | Sarah Talaat , Ye Yuan and Liang Lianfen

Migrant Food-Delivery Workers Struggle to Belong in Beijing

Changes to Beijing’s household registration system aim for greater inclusiveness, but some service-industry workers remain vulnerable.

2017/01/06 | Edward White

South Africa’s ‘Stunning’ Taiwan-China Shift on Display amid Mayor Visit Furor

The visit of a South African mayor to Taiwan has been slammed in South Africa. What does the fallout say about South Africa’s reliance on China and ultimate abandonment of its one-time ally?

2017/01/04 | Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong in 2017: Off to Another Fighting Start

It is a new year and the fight goes on in Hong Kong, writes Suzanne Pepper.

2016/11/15 | The Japan Times

Hong Kong’s Autonomy Eroded

Beijing could take moves to ease its concerns, but it would permanently embitter pro-democracy forces in Hong Kong and confirm to others, especially in Taiwan, that Beijing’s promises are empty.

2016/10/18 | Suzanne Pepper

What is Dividing Hong Kong’s Localists?

Hong Kong's 'lost' right to self-determination lies at the heart of the localist argument.

2016/09/06 | Yuan-ling Liang

Beijing Denying Children Education to Address Excessive Population

Parents who are unable to secure 'education permits' for their children have been forced to leave Beijing.

2016/08/16 | Hsu Chia-yu

Pro-Independence HK High School Students Hit Back After Government Warning

High school students are criticizing Hong Kong authorities after a crackdown on the increasingly popular independence movement.