約瑟夫·班克斯爵士,Bt,GCB,PRS(英語:Sir Joseph Banks,1743年2月24日-1820年6月19日),英國探險家和博物學家,曾長期擔任皇家學會會長,參與澳大利亞的發現和開發,還資助了當時很多年輕的植物學家。 --來自 維基百科


2017/10/02 | Matthew Fulco

Southbound Policy Helps Taiwan Banks Advance

Taiwan's New Southbound Policy is bearing fruit, at least for the nation's banks, which are expanding their footprint across ASEAN in lockstep with their corporate clients.

2017/02/20 | Timothy Ferry

Blueprint of a Heist: Cracking Taiwan's US$2.5m ATM Hack

Looking back at the First Bank’s ATM heist, one of Taiwan's biggest ever robberies.

2016/10/11 | Malaysiakini

Singapore Closes Swiss Bank, Fines UBS and DBS in Malaysia Corruption Probe

Singapore's actions against the three banks follow supervisory examinations by its finance regulator into fund flows related to Malaysia's controversial 1MDB.