金磚國家,原指金磚四國(英語:BRIC),現指金磚五國(英語:BRICS),是指五個主要的新興市場國家,分別為巴西、俄羅斯、印度、中華人民共和國、南非。 --來自 維基百科


2018/08/02 | The Interpreter

Wild Rumors and Shoddy Vaccines Rifle Through China

Li Keqiang's profile has seemingly been elevated, but has it come at the expense of Xi Jinping? A recap of one of Zhongnanhai's most restless periods in recent memory.

2018/07/23 | The Interpreter

Why China Sees Senegal as a Belt and Road Springboard

Xi Jinping made Senegal his first stop on his tour of Africa, meeting President Macky Sall for the third time since 2012. What is it that makes the relationship between China and Senegal, according to Sall, so "special"?

2018/03/05 | Robert Soutar

Mexico Warms Up to China as NAFTA Falters

Mexican companies often lack the resources and knowledge to assert themselves internationally, especially when approaching 'culturally and geographically distant' countries.