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2017/01/02 | Jacinta Keast
Pedagogy or Profiteering? Chinese Students in Australia’s Higher Education Sector
Criticisms from both Chinese and local university students in Australia raised questions in Australia's overreliance on international students.
2016/12/03 | Sam Roggeveen
Is There a Global Wave of Populism?
It's possible that local circumstances, individual talent and a dash of pure chance have brought about the results we have seen in the U.K., Europe, Greece, Australia and the U.S.
2016/11/01 | Sarosh Bana
India’s Leaky Submarines
After this debacle, it is clear that confidentiality and information security will be important factors in determining the outcome of future international military tenders.
2016/10/17 | Euan Graham
Australia’s Debate on Freedom of Navigation Ops: A Necessary Storm in a Teacup
The South China Sea is not yet 'lost,' but maintaining access will require a broad multinational effort. Canberra can help to lay the groundwork for the next phase.
2016/10/07 | Malaysiakini
Australia's 'Budgie 9' Escape Further Punishment in Malaysia
A Malaysian court has discharged Australia's 'Budgie 9' with a caution.
2016/10/05 | Malaysiakini
Quizzed by Parliament, Australian Bank Denies 1MDB Link
ANZ, one of Australia's biggest banks, holds 25 percent of Ambank, the Malaysian bank U.S. investigators said was used to channel part of the funds allegedly siphoned from 1MDB.
2016/09/24 | Amy Maguire
Australia Should Take a Stand on Filipino Woman Facing Execution in Indonesia
Australia’s selective advocacy on behalf of people subject to the death penalty weakens its campaigns for individual Australians at risk of execution.
2016/09/01 | J. Michael Cole
BREAKING: Controversial Mao Concerts Cancelled
The performances glorifying a man who was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese were too much for many Chinese Australian.
2016/08/26 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: Should Mao Enter the Building?
Two scheduled concerts in Australia honoring Chairman Mao have sparked calls for boycotts. Let them sing and dance and spin all they want in his honor. Our job isn’t to silence them, as this would make us no better than the CCP.
2016/08/18 | Abhijit Singh
Anatomy of a Political Warning
India has refrained from publicly criticizing China for its aggressive South China Sea policy. But Indian leaders recognize the indirect threat that China poses to the international legal system, especially the prospect of a restructuring of rules to favor Beijing’s interests. 
2016/08/12 | James Laurenceson
ANALYSIS: Australia Blocks Chinese Investment on 'National Security'
An Australian expert says the Ausgrid decision will hurt Australia-China relations.
2016/07/15 | Sarawak Report
Australia's Adelaide University Takes Action on Malaysian Politician
Has an esteemed Australian university been profiting from corruption and environmental destruction in Malaysian Borneo?
2016/06/23 | Fran Martin
Overseas Study An ‘Escape Route’ for Young Chinese Women
For women from China’s post-1990 generation, the greater availability of educational opportunities and influences from transnational cultural and media flows mean they tend to see their own gendered identity in a more individualized way.
2016/01/27 | TNL 編輯
Australian Leaders Unite to Sign Declaration Calling for A Republic
Australia is a constitutional monarchy, with Britain's Queen Elizabeth as head of state. With the declaration, almost all of Australia’s political leaders, including the prime minister and opposition leader, now support the country’s push toward becoming a republic, a move that would be an important assertion of Australians’ national identity.
Indonesia and Australia Strengthen Counter-Terrorism Cooperation as IS Tries to Establish a Caliphate State in Indonesia
Australian Attorney George Brandis said IS intends to establish a caliphate state outside of the Middle East, and Indonesia is one of the potential locations. Brandis believes that this would be a major threat to Australia and the West.