Audrey Tang

唐鳳(英語:Audrey Tang,1981年4月18日-),是臺灣的自由軟體程式設計師及政治人物,曾致力於多項專案的開發維護,是Haskell和Perl社群領導者,也是g0v零時政府核心成員。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/03/04 | Jeremy Van der Haegen

Audrey Tang Praised for Coronavirus Prevention Tactics

Japanese netizens are captivated by Audrey Tang, Taiwan's digital minister, and her open data approach to sharing local information on the coronavirus outbreak.

2020/03/10 | TNL Staff

Taiwan's Second Wave Response to Curb Coronavirus Spread

Taiwan is pursuing new preventive and disease control measures against the COVID-19 outbreak, despite exclusion from the World Health Organization.

2020/03/27 | Roy Ngerng

Taiwan's Digital Response to Covid-19: Impressive, But Is Privacy Respected?

Taiwan has made advances in tech and deployed big data in the fight against COVID-19. But can privacy be protected?