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2018/03/31 |
Electric Scooter Maker Gogoro Turns to AI, Smart Grids
Gogoro's new offerings are about new ways of charging, not about the electric scooters themselves.
2018/02/18 | Andy Yee
OPINION: The US and China Can Avoid a Technological Standoff
The technological duopoly has already arrived, but does it have to be a fight to the death?
2018/01/09 | Elsa Kania
Artificial Intelligence Will Shape the US-China Relationship
For the time being, the US can attract top talent from around the world, a key advantage over China.
2017/09/12 | Oiwan Lam
Mulling the Cost of China Winning the AI Race
'Both Chinese and foreign experts reckon that China has the most advanced — and cheapest — AI-enabled surveillance technology in the world.'
2017/08/01 | Andrej Zwitter
Who is Winning the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race?
Cyberspace is now a territory where politics, economics, and foreign affairs are all contested – and Internet bots driven by artificial intelligence have emerged as key new actors, Andrej Zwitter writes.
2016/11/21 | Yan Jie
China’s Courts Look to A.I. for Smarter Judgments
Big data and machine learning artificial intelligence to make China’s judicial system more intelligent and efficient?
2016/03/14 | TNL 編輯
The Taiwan Brain Behind AlphaGo: Aja Huang
On March 10, AlphaGo, designed by Google DeepMind, beat Lee Se-dol, a Korean professional Go player. While AlphaGo has stunned the world with its artificial intelligence, Aja Huang, born and raised in Taiwan, has been reported to make the most contribution to the design of the AI’s “brain.”