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2018/12/07 | Saigoneer
Taiwan's Foxconn Is Considering Opening an iPhone Factory in Vietnam
The Taiwanese technology giant previously expressed an interest in evading the US-China trade war.
2017/08/03 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Apple 'Following the Law' in Removing VPN Apps, Says CEO
'We would obviously rather not remove the apps, but like we do in other countries, we follow the law wherever we do business,' says Tim Cook.
2017/08/01 | TIME
A Crackdown on Unfettered Internet Access Is Jeopardizing China’s Pro-Business Credentials
Aside from the practical limitations, the oppressive atmosphere would be hugely damaging at a time when China's economy is already slowing.
2017/07/18 | Zhong Changqian
iPhone Workers Become Legendary Warriors in China's Internet Cafes
Neighborhood gaming centers give apathetic and aimless factory workers a portal to another life.
Humans Need Not Apply: Taiwan Company at Forefront of Automation Age with 60,000 Robots Making iPhones
The world's largest contract electronics maker has five "lights-out" factories that are fully automated and require no onsite human presence.
2017/04/13 | FORTUNE
An NYU Student Went Undercover at an iPhone Factory in China
One NYU graduate student shares a peek of what it's like to produce iPhones.
2016/09/29 | Mo Tz-pin
Apple Locks In Beijing R&D Center: Reports
Despite a ban on some of its products, Apple continues to build its presence in China.
2016/06/29 | Bing-sheng Lee
Apple Scouts Taiwan for New Data Center: Reports
Changhua County in Taiwan has been attracting tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple for major investment.
2016/03/24 | TNL 編輯
[UPDATE] Apple Pay’s Destiny In Taiwan Remains Uncertain
People using Apple products have been expecting the introduction of Apple Pay in Taiwan; however, the implementation is still pending due to several obstacles.
Apple to Build Research Center in Indonesia and Google to Help Develop Internet in Remote Areas
During Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s visit to the US on October 25, he will drop by the Apple Inc. headquarters to meet with its CEO, Tim Cook and discuss their investment plan in Indonesia. Joko Widodo will also meet with representatives from Google Inc, Microsoft Corp and Facebook to discuss investing in the country, such as discussing with Google about developing Internet in remote areas in Indonesia.