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2017/07/05 | Rachel Fritts
Road to Oblivion: How a Highway Threatens Tigers in India
A proposal to upgrade a road into a highway in Corbett National Park has conservationists deeply worried for the region’s 300 Bengal tigers.
2017/04/18 | Millie Kerr
Apes in Asian Circus-Style Shows on Rise — So is Trafficking
Chinese and Thai animal attractions increasingly force young chimpanzees and orangutans — many illegally wild-caught — to perform for visitors.
2017/04/12 | ZiQing Low
Is Eating Dog Meat Really on the Way Out in Asia?
Taiwan's dog meat ban has been welcomed but China’s largest 'dog meat festival' is set to enter its eighth year, and Indonesia sees an increase in dog meat consumption.
2016/11/22 | Mukta Patil
Back from the Brink: The Surprising Survival of India's Rhinos
India’s Rhino population was barely 75 in 1905. It has now increased by 35-times In 107 years.
2016/09/12 | Olivia Yang
Chinese College Poisons Stray Dogs; No Law to Protect Them
A college in China has reportedly sent security guards to poison stray dogs at a nearby shelter, once again sparking discussions about the country's lack of animal protection laws.