Animal Crossing

動物森友會(日版名:どうぶつの森,英文版名:Animal Crossing,又譯作「動物之森」、「動物森林」)是任天堂情報開發本部開發並由任天堂發行的社交模擬系列,遊戲中玩家生活在一個由擬人動物居住的村莊,展開各種活動。 --來自 維基百科


2020/07/10 | every little d

Animal Crossing Movies May Be the Next Big Trend in Video Gaming

Beneath all the attention on eGamers and Twitch streams, there has been a rise in new professions within the gaming industry. In-game photographers, and video game directors are at the vanguard of the industries increasing focus on art.

2020/04/10 | Daphne K. Lee

Animal Crossing Disappeared From Stores in China

China quietly removed Animal Crossing from the shelves overnight, prompting netizen outrage.