Angela Merkel

安格拉·多羅提亞·梅克爾( Angela Dorothea Merkel,1954年7月17日-),原姓卡斯納(Kasner),德國女性政治家、物理、量子化學家,前任德國聯邦總理,為德國基督教民主聯盟成員,曾擔任其領袖多年。 --來自 維基百科


2020/06/29 | Op-Ed

OPINION: Germany Must Stop Appeasing China

Germany must live up to its claims of moral superiority in its dealings with China.

2017/09/29 | Alexander Görlach

German Election Losses Leave Merkel's North Korea Stance in Limbo

German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously advocated Germany take a lead role in brokering a diplomatic solution to the crisis in North Korea. But election losses for her Christian Democratic Union party have left her weakened at home, and the country's future stance on the issue in doubt.