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2018/02/08 | Liang Chenyu
Bucking a Global Trend, China's Trust in Media Soars
Globally, distrust of media was alarmingly high. However, Chinese viewers seem to trust their media more than you'd think.
2017/07/20 | FORTUNE
How North Korea Could Start a War With America Right Now
As frightening as ICBMs sound, Pyongyang already possesses all the weapons it needs to draw America into a war. The question is whether the US and its allies will continue to strengthen the tools required to deter such a conflict.
2016/12/15 | Zhang Lijie
From China to America: The Parallel Lives of Two Disabled Women
Two childhood friends reconnect after a decade apart, living their lives on opposite sides of the globe.
2016/11/19 | Peter Carrol
BOOK REVIEW: 'Another Day in the Death of America: A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives'
On an average day in the USA, seven children and teenagers will be shot dead. In 'Another Day in the Death of America: A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives,' journalist Gary Younge tells the stories of ten lives lost on one single day: November 23, 2013. This is a powerful, timely and important contribution to the debate on U.S. gun culture and how US society particularly treats its African American citizens, writes Peter Carrol.
2016/10/07 | Kira-Anne Pelican
‘Journey to the West’ — A Chinese Epic for Western Eyes
If film adaptations of traditional Chinese tales are to succeed, they must appeal to universal cultural norms.
2015/08/27 | Sid Weng
Japanese Students Protest Against Japan-U.S. Security Treaty
According to a poll conducted by the Japanese media, Abe’s supporting rate has decreased 30 percent during the examination of the treaty. The Japanese Prime Minister has no choice but to extend the parliament recession that was supposed to end on June 22 to September 27 in order to pass the treaty.