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2020/09/18 | Derek Sheridan
Do China and Africa Allow Us to Bring Back the Idea of Civilization?
There is much at stake in defining what a civilization is, who is included, who is excluded, and who can claim to speak for one.
Sino-Indian Space Race Rivalry Lifts Off
China and India are using satellites in space to win influence and secure their geo-political and economic interests, and while China's program is better funded and more ambitious, India's Indian Space Research Organization is catching up.
Deconstructing China’s Indian Ocean Power Play
China’s new military base could be the first step in the country dramatically increasing its military presence in the Indian Ocean, David Brewster and Anthony Bergin write.
2017/08/20 | Jack Hu
The New Action Flick Taking Chinese Nationalism to a New Level
The record-breaking action movie ‘Wolf Warriors 2′ takes Chinese nationalism to a new Level, writes Jack Hu.
2017/08/09 | Kenrick Davis
China’s Latest Marketing Craze: Impoverished African Children
Short videos of African kids advertising Chinese goods and services raise ethical and legal concerns.
2017/07/03 | Purnendra Jain.
Japan, India and China Facing Off in Africa
India’s links with Africa go back to the early 20th century, when India was an active supporter of African independence and anti-colonial movements. Japan’s links with Africa are more recent and focus on aid and investment. Japan was a pioneering Asian nation in establishing a Japan–Africa forum in 1993 through the Tokyo International Conference on African Development.
Will Africa Fit into China’s Belt and Road Plan?
Success depends on African nations providing adequate security to protect the investment environment.
2017/04/05 | Beyonder Times
Cross-Cultural Ambassador: Swaziland Sisters’ Fashion Dream
When African culture meets Austronesian culture in fashion, what kind of sparks will you expect? LIHIYA might give you some clues.
2017/03/25 | John J. Stremlau
Africa Offers a Point of Cooperation for Xi and Trump
Xi and Trump should explore trilateral cooperation with African governments since both parties have extensive and often complementary interests in the continent.
2017/02/17 | Pippa Morgan
The Truth Behind China’s Aid Ambitions in Africa
Contrary to popular belief, the country’s investments do not prop up pariah regimes.
2016/12/29 |
All-Weather Friendship: Climate Change and its Effect on Sino-African Relations
China is becoming the leader of climate change policies in developing nations as the new U.S. administration turns it back on the issue.
2016/09/23 | Richard Aidoo
Why Anti-Chinese Sentiment in Africa Is on the Rise
China’s increasing presence across the African continent has led to social conflict.
Africa: The New Battleground for Japan and China
African leaders are exploiting the Sino-Japanese rivalry to coax out as much financial and material support from them as possible.
Are the Chinese Racist?
'It is spurious to claim, without substantial evidence, that racist views are more common among Chinese, not speak of any insinuation that Chinese in general are racists.'
2016/08/05 | Edward White
ANALYSIS: Unpacking Attacks on Chinese Workers in Africa
Does an attack on Chinese workers in Kenya reflect continent-wide contempt of China’s expanding presence in Africa?