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2016/08/01 | J. Michael Cole

Tsai Gets Passing Grade for Apology to Taiwan’s Aborigines

President Tsai’s apology to the nation’s Aborigines went better than expected. But that was the easy part: now the real work begins.

2016/08/01 | Yuan-ling Liang

Tsai Apologizes as First Step to Transitional Jusice for Taiwan's Aborigines

'The reason I am standing here today is because some people, up until now, still think an apology is unnecessary and still take other groups’ pain for granted.'

2016/08/25 | ZiQing Low

Truku Aborigines Protest 'Unfair' Police Arrest

Aborigines claim they are prosecuted for carrying out their traditions.

2016/08/05 | ZiQing Low

Urban Development Threatens Kaohsiung's Oldest Aboriginal Community

What is home if the people are no more, a member of Taiwan’s Indigenous Youth Front asks?

2016/08/25 | Mark Harrison

President Tsai's Apology: Signaling the Modern Taiwan

'The apology to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples will further the cause of indigenous rights, but also signals the distinctive modern society and polity that Taiwan has become.'