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2016/08/25 | ZiQing Low
Truku Aborigines Protest 'Unfair' Police Arrest
Aborigines claim they are prosecuted for carrying out their traditions.
2016/08/25 | Mark Harrison
President Tsai's Apology: Signaling the Modern Taiwan
'The apology to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples will further the cause of indigenous rights, but also signals the distinctive modern society and polity that Taiwan has become.'
2016/08/05 | ZiQing Low
Urban Development Threatens Kaohsiung's Oldest Aboriginal Community
What is home if the people are no more, a member of Taiwan’s Indigenous Youth Front asks?
2016/08/01 | Yuan-ling Liang
Tsai Apologizes as First Step to Transitional Jusice for Taiwan's Aborigines
'The reason I am standing here today is because some people, up until now, still think an apology is unnecessary and still take other groups’ pain for granted.'
2016/08/01 | J. Michael Cole
Tsai Gets Passing Grade for Apology to Taiwan’s Aborigines
President Tsai’s apology to the nation’s Aborigines went better than expected. But that was the easy part: now the real work begins.