美國在台協會(英語:American Institute in Taiwan,縮寫為AIT),是美國依據《台灣關係法》及華盛頓哥倫比亞特區法律所設置的代表機構,經美國國務院提供經費和運作指導、受美國國會授權和監督。 --來自 維基百科


2019/06/25 | Milo Hsieh

Is 2019 the Breakthrough Year for U.S.-Taiwan Relations?

After forty years of the Taiwan Relations Act, as both parties are presented with an increasingly aggressive China, Milo Hsieh argues it's time for a new chapter in relations between the U.S. and Taiwan.

2018/09/14 | Taiwan Insight

Embassy Analysis: The American Institute in Taiwan vs Trump's Jerusalem Move

Look to Jerusalem for a read on the significance of this summer's opening of a new complex for Taiwan's de facto embassy.

2018/07/19 | New Bloom

OPINION: US Gunboat Diplomacy in Taiwan Strait Does Nothing for Taipei

It would be a mistake to take the US decision to sail destroyers through the Taiwan Strait as an indication of support for Taiwan.

2018/06/21 | Dean Karalekas

OPINION: After AIT Opening, It's Time to Stop Downplaying US-Taiwan Ties

Despite hype over the potential for Washington to make a real statement about its support for Taiwan at the opening of the new AIT complex, the end result was familiarly low-key.

2018/06/13 | TIME

New AIT Complex in Taipei Shows Strength of US Commitment to Taiwan

The US$250-million complex shows the strength of the US commitment to Taiwan.

2018/05/21 | David Green

AIT Director Moy Affirms US Commitment to Taiwan ahead of New Complex Opening

AIT Director Kin Moy offered few clues as to what to expect ahead of a milestone moment in US-Taiwan relations.