A City of Sadness

《悲情城市》(英文:A City of Sadness),是一部1989年發行,由侯孝賢執導的反映台灣歷史爭議「二二八事件」的電影。 --來自 維基百科


2020/07/03 | Ian Chen

Taiwanese Cinema Revival: Moving Beyond State Subsidies and Arthouse

After two decades of decline, Taiwanese cinema has seen a revival. We have to look far back at the Motion Picture Act and government grant scheme to understand how this happened.

2017/03/12 | Cinema Escapist

Why Anyone Who Cares About Taiwan Should Watch 'A City of Sadness'

'A City of Sadness' is not only one of Taiwan's most renowned films, but also a great way to learn about the island.