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JAPAN: Okinawa Referendum Set to Decide Future of US Military Presence

East Asia Forum

Voters will decide whether US troops should be relocated amid increasing opposition to their presence on the island.


Guess Who's Back: Xi Sheds Low Profile to Navigate the Trade War

China Brief

Xi Jinping laid low throughout the summer, leading to rabid speculation from China watchers. He's back now, but is he here to stay?


OPINION: Differing Strategic Visions in the Indo-Pacific Cloud the Region's Future

Policy Forum

India, Japan and the US all have different ideas about what the Indo-Pacific means, casting doubt over its future as a concept.


ANALYSIS: Japan Is Finally Entering the Indo-Pacific Arena

Policy Forum

Japan has hesitated to assert itself in the Indo-Pacific, a region increasingly dominated by Chinese influence. It may want to avoid its tradition 'value-oriented diplomacy' and the temptation to lock horns with China.


Duterte Basks in 'Golden Age' of Philippines-Japan Relations

Malcolm Cook

The continued Japanese generosity led President Duterte to declare the dawn of a 'golden age in the strategic partnership' between the two countries.


Trump's Asia Tour Puts US Regional Strategy in Focus

Michael J Green

To get China right, you have to get Asia right, Rich Armitage and Joe Nye declared in a 2007 CSIS report. As Trump embarks on his Asia tour, whether the U.S. president understands that the key to leverage in Beijing is a free and open Indo-Pacific framework is about to be put to the test.

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