Taiwan Pride


Taiwan Celebrates Marriage Equality With Landmark Pride Parade

Daphne K. Lee

170,000 marched in Taiwan's landmark Pride parade today celebrating the country's achievement in legalizing same-sex marriage.


Reshaping Queer Culture: Meet Taiwan’s First Drag Kings

Darice D. Chang

As Taiwan’s drag queen scene flourishes, propelled by the global success of Drag Race, the king scene is growing as well, providing much needed space and platform for lesbians and AFAB-people.


Taiwan’s Newlywed Same-Sex Couples Prepare for Landmark Pride Parade

Rik Glauert

It’s been 5 months since Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage. Where are the married couples now?


INTERVIEW: Heavy Punk Bank ChicKNUP – When Hunter Becomes Hunted

Darice D. Chang

A striking music video featuring a lesbian couple by self-described ‘heavy punk’ band ChiKNUP puts viewers in a minority’s shoes.


Q&A: Reflecting Taiwan's LGBTQ Progress in 'Taipei Love' Documentary

David Green

Flush with the success of shooting footage at the Pride parade in Taipei, The News Lens sat down with young German filmmaker Lucie Liu to discuss her vision for 'taipeilove*', a documentary asking how it feels to be gay in Taiwan, both for her protagonists and the people closest to them.

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