Taiwan Makes History With Universal Cash Payment Plan

UBI Taiwan

Taiwan is giving citizens and permanent residents a one-off cash payment of NT$6,000, a step towards ensuring that the benefits of economic growth are shared by all.


Does Universal Basic Income Have a Home in Taiwan?

TNL Feature

Is Taiwan's stability during the pandemic an occasion to think big?

Universal basic income vector illustration. Flat tiny money receiving person concept. Economical governmental income guarantee to resident citizens equality. Social support system to reduce poverty.

Is Universal Basic Income Feasible in Taiwan?

Chieh-Chi Hsieh

Universal Basic Income provides economic stability and is believed to address social inequality, but Dr. Chieh-Chi Hsieh makes a case against the idea to launch such a program in Taiwan.


Taiwan's Basic Income Movement Plans National Referendum

David Green

Taiwan's plans to promote universal basic income must focus on a single idea.


China and UNDP Study Basic Income Pilot Feasibility

Tyler Prochazka

Chinese academics and officials last week hosted a roundtable on Universal Basic Income with the United Nations Development Program in Beijing, suggesting China may be prepared to trial experiments on the social dividend in the same manner as countries such as Finland, Scotland and India.

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