William Lai


All Bets Are Off: An Overview of Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Primaries

Besides the DPP and KMT primaries, there is still a lot left at play to determine who the candidates will be in Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election.


DPP and KMT Presidential Controversies Reveal Depth of Party Factionalism

Brian Hioe

Both of Taiwan's major political parties face contentious presidential primaries in the coming months.


William Lai Faces an Uphill Battle in His Primary Run Against President Tsai

Milo Hsieh

The DPP party base is rallying around Tsai Ing-wen, meaning William Lai may struggle to find national support for his campaign.


Former Taiwan Premier William Lai Enters 2020 Presidential Race

Nick Aspinwall

In a surprising move, former Premier William Lai will challenge President Tsai Ing-wen in the upcoming DPP primary.


OPINION: Tsai's Uninspiring Cabinet Choices Reveal a Dearth of DPP Talent

David Evans

Tsai had an opportunity to elevate young, progressive DPP voices after her cabinet resigned en masse earlier this month. She failed to seize it.

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