LGBT Pride


The Origins of 'Queer Asia': The First International LGBTQ Docuseries in Asia

Jay Lin

'Queer Asia' features the proud, vibrant LGBTQ communities of Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines & Vietnam.


Out in Taiwan: Standing for Equality with Fashion Photographer Leslie Kee

Cat Thomas

As Pride approaches, world-famous fashion photographer Leslie Kee is casting Taiwan's LGBT community in its very best light.


INTERVIEW: Down and Dirty with Taipei Drag Star Magnolia La Manga

Cat Thomas

We talk to a Taiwan drag icon about 15 years at the heart of a vibrant scene, LGBT rights, performing with Jolin Tsai, and spreading the word to the next generation.


Ahead of Pride, Taiwan Still Waits for Same-sex Marriage

David Green

Despite the decision of Taiwan's constitutional court to amend Taiwan's Civil Code in favor of same-sex marriage in May, the country's institutions are dragging their feet on implementing legislation.

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