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How a Community Pantry Sparked Movement of Mutual Aid in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

To help those struggling financially during the pandemic, hundreds of community pantries have been set up across the Philippines, and more are sprouting up.


Mass Arrests in the Philippines as Lockdown Tightens

Michael Beltran

The mass arrest of 21 protestors on April 1 in Quezon City is the latest flashpoint in the government's draconian lockdown.


Meet Ka Inday: Activist, Warrior and Defender of San Roque

Michael Beltran

Estrelieta “Ka Inday” Bagasbas has lived a storied life, but it is for her passionate activism in defense of the urban poor in San Roque, a community in the Quezon City area of Metro Manila, for which neighbors and fellow residents are truly thankful.

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