No Saviors, No Satisfaction in ‘Promising Young Woman’ — and Why That’s a Good thing

SueAnn Shiah

‘Promising Young Woman’ offers up no simple answers or victories, rather the sad reality in which there is no justice without acknowledging harm. The Oscar nominated thriller is an entertaining take on a time old tale.


South Koreans Fight Back Against Weak Sex Crime Punishments

Deutsche Welle

More than three years after the #MeToo movement rocked South Korea, a series of legal cases have once again underlined just how far the country still has to go. Some insist that changes will come slowly.


China's Fourth Wave of Feminism: Despite Censorship, #MeToo Perseveres

Policy Forum

Feminism has a long history in China, but #MeToo has met a wall of state and societal censorship.


How Are South Koreans Reacting to the Country's 'Molka' Spycam Epidemic?

A study shows differing attitudes among South Koreans towards the country's spate of secret filming.


Countering Suppression via Open Source: Lessons from Tibet and China


A civil servant with the Tibetan government in exile and a Chinese dissident talk about the role civic tech and open source plays in defending their communities from CCP hacking.


Shame, Pleasure and Affirmative Consent

Sandee Woodside

From Washington to Taipei, allegations of rape are kick-starting conversations about consent and feminine sexual pleasure.


OPINION: Don't Conscript Taiwanese Women Without Addressing Patriarchy


The accomplishments of women in Taiwan's armed forces deserve to be celebrated. Its appalling patriarchal orthodoxy, on the other hand, does not.


Voices from Taiwan Speak Up on #MeToo

TNL Staff

Four Taipei residents: A Taiwanese woman, two of her Taiwanese-American counterparts, and a UK national, offer their takes on how the #MeToo phenomenon of women speaking up on social media about their experiences with sexual harassment at the hands of men has been received in Taiwan.  

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