Ministry of the Interior


Word ‘Adopted’ Removed From the Taiwan ID Cards of Same-Sex Parents’ Children

TNL Staff

Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior stated that the new law brings the adoption practice of same-sex parents equivalent to those of heterosexual parents.

台灣同志遊行 參與者力挺跨國同婚

Taiwan: Same-Sex Marriage for Transnational Couples Legalized

Bryan Chou

Beginning in 2024, most Taiwanese and foreign national partners will be able to marry in Taiwan, regardless of the legal status of same-sex marriage in the foreign national’s home country.


CARTOON: Taiwan's Government Plays Matchmaker

Stellina Chen

The Ministry of the Interior wants to get people in the mood, but young couples aren't taking the hint.


International Students Will Get To Extend Their Stay In Taiwan After Graduation


In order to attract more foreign talents to boost Taiwan's productivity and competitiveness, the Ministry of the Interior will give international and overseas Chinese students a year after graduating to stay and find a job in Taiwan.

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Taiwan Government Launches Website and LINE Account for New Immigrants


The number of new immigrants has been increasing in Taiwan. How is the government attending to their needs?

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