Demography Poses No Imminent Threat to China’s Economic Modernization

East Asia Forum

In the short to medium term, fewer children imply reduced expenditure — an advantage to the economy.


‘Return to Seoul’ Portrays the Plight of the Culturally Rootless

CJ Sheu

Freddie has many faces, but underneath them all is the cultural rootlessness that drives her self-destructive acting out.


China Probes Its Neighbors’ Defenses as Regional Tensions Rise

Deutsche Welle

Beijing has territorial claims against Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan and is using “salami-slicing” military and economic tactics in its efforts to assume control of the strategically important areas.


How Worried Is Taiwan About Chinese Invasion?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows the Taiwanese public is far less concerned about a Chinese invasion than citizens of other countries in the region.


Hot Button Issue: North Korea’s Bold New Nuclear Stance

The Interpreter

Regional leaders would do well to focus on engagement with Pyongyang after missile launches set a dangerous precedent.


Yoon Scrambles To Restore Domestic Confidence

East Asia Forum

With approval ratings bottoming out at 24%, President Yoon Suk-yeol carried out the first reshuffle of his office, but it's too early to tell whether the move will restore domestic confidence in his presidency.


Can Seoul Court Beijing’s Perception Problem?

East Asia Forum

While it might be unrealistic for Seoul to completely sever itself from Washington’s global geostrategy, Beijing and Seoul could still reach a modus vivendi on South Korea’s contribution to the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific Strategy and its future relationship with the Quad.


South Korea’s Transgender Community Pushes for Recognition and Acceptance

East Asia Forum

The issue of transgender discrimination was once again brought into the spotlight earlier in 2021, following the suicide of a soldier who was forcibly discharged from the military after a gender reassignment surgery.


International Students Can Stem Decline Facing Asian Universities

Xiaochen Su

East Asian universities face a long-term demographic crisis, risking gains in competitiveness made over recent years. Attracting students from abroad may be the solution.

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