Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 6: The Fish We Turn to Dust

The Outlaw Ocean Project

What product is virtually eaten by everyone without realizing it and is part of an industry that was meant to slow down the seas from running out of fish but it’s actually accelerating it?


Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 2: Bondage at Sea

The Outlaw Ocean Project

A global scourge, sea slavery is something most people do not realize exists. Why does it persist?


Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 1: Where Killers Go Free

The Outlaw Ocean Project

A 10-minute slow-motion slaughter captured on a cellphone shows men floating in the ocean, shot and killed. Who did it and why is no government willing to investigate?


To Reimagine the Realm: The Purpose of ‘Dispatches From the Outlaw Ocean’

The Outlaw Ocean Project

Half of the world’s population now lives within a hundred miles of the sea, but most people conceive of this space as a liquid desert that we occasionally fly over, a canvas of lighter and darker blues.

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