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Uncertainty Pervades as Macao Adopts National Security Law Amendments

Voice of America

The amendments change the references to the crime of collusion with “foreign political organizations” to simply collusion with "organizations outside Macau” that are seeking to damage national security.


Pro-Beijing Politicians Urge Hong Kong to Scrap the Gay Games 2023

Global Voices

Conservatives are urging national security authorities to step in and cancel the Games. But even if the event goes ahead as planned, participants will have to abide by new rally rules.


‘Cyber Heist’ Is a Regressive Take on the Smart City

CJ Sheu

A cyber security engineer accidentally falls into an online financial conspiracy and has to fight to prove his innocence.


Veteran Hong Kong Labor Rights Activist Arrested on Suspicion of Foreign Collusion

Global Voices

Elizabeth Tang, a veteran Hong Kong labor activist, was arrested after she visited her husband Lee Cheuk Yan, who’s in jail for organizing and participating in several unauthorized assemblies between 2019 and 2020.


Landmark Trial Opens for Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

Voice of America

Thirty-one of the 47 pleaded guilty before the case came to trial. According to the prosecutor, four of the 47 defendants are set to testify against the 16 who did not plead guilty.


Beijing Empowers Hong Kong Chief Executive To Direct Local Courts on National Security-related Trials

Global Voices

The immediate effect is that Jimmy Lai would lose his right to hire an overseas lawyer to defend against foreign collusion charges, which could lead to a maximum life sentence.


Hong Kong Expecting Influx of Tourists From Mainland China

Voice of America

Hong Kong has canceled quarantine requirements for arrivals. The only measure remaining is the mask mandate.


Hong Kong Launches a National Security Legal Battle Against Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai

Global Voices

Jimmy Lai’s case could be complicated as six former staff members of Apple Daily and Next Digital pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit collusion last year.


Judicial Repression Becomes the Norm in Hong Kong

East Asia Forum

As of 2022, more than 100 civil society organizations and trade unions have been dissolved or closed in Hong Kong under the threat of the National Security Law.


YouTube Blocks Account of Hong Kong’s Sole Leadership Candidate

Voice of America

John Lee was among a group of 11 top Hong Kong and Chinese government officials sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury, including current Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, for curtailing political freedoms under Beijing’s national security law.

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