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Taiwan To Build Oil Reserve in Eswatini, Its Last African Ally

TNL Staff

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan signed three bilateral contracts with Eswatini, including an agreement to help the country build an oil reserve.


Eswatini Not Expecting ‘Friction’ With China Over Taiwan President Visit

Voice of America

Despite concerns that the visit may anger China, President Tsai Ing-wen visits Eswatini, Taiwan's last African ally, amid tensions in the cross-strait region.


‘Partner, Competitor, and Systemic Rival’: EU’s Strategical Ambiguity On China

Tatiana Van den Haute

The European Union maintains a strategical relationship of “ambiguity” with China, in order to retain trade deals and diplomacy with China while staying aligned with Western democratic values.


Taiwan and Burkina Faso: A Tumultuous History of Cooperation and Estrangement

Global Voices

"I am now trying to promote Burkinabè culture in Taiwan. I often speak in primary schools where I talk about Africa and the education system in Africa and my students who are around 12 years old are very moved when they see the difference between the education systems. and they want to know more about Burkina Faso and Africa in general."


China’s Famous Foreigners Doubling as Diplomats

Dave Hicks

Much-loved foreign celebrities are helping the country project its soft power more authentically than state-sponsored charm offensives.

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