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Taiwan to Reopen Border for Foreign Visitors Seeking Medical Treatment

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Starting August 1, Taiwan will accept foreign nationals traveling to the country for medical treatment.


HIV Patients Can Receive Organ Transplants Starting In March


Many developed countries such as the US, UK and Spain all permit HIV patients to receive organ transplants to increase their survival rate. Taiwan also plans to follow in these steps in March and aims to allow HIV patients to donate their organs to other HIV patients in the future.


Taiwan Medical Community Concerned About The Medical Payment Reformation


The health care system in Taiwan is a worldwide research topic, and the recent medical payment reformation within the system has led to criticism from the medical community.

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Taiwanese Will Be Able To File Taxes With Health Insurance IC Cards Next Year


The Fiscal Information Center points out people need to prepare a health insurance card and a card scanner to register their health insurance IC card on the Internet. By next year, they will only need the card and password to file taxes, which may save a huge amount of money and time.


New Food Safety Regulations in Taiwan: Chocolate Might Not Be Chocolate Anymore


A large variety of products are named as chocolate, but most of them consist of flavorings, food coloring and other chemical raw materials. Chocolatiers estimate that the cocoa percentage in most chocolate products in Taiwan accounts for less than 1%, meaning the majority of chocolate products need to change their names.


Taiwan To Ban Trans Fats in 2018

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Excessive consumption of artificial trans fats increases chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and is the main cause of the decline of human health.

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