One China Policy


Fearing China, Switzerland Sacrifices Scientific Ties With Taiwan

Switzerland has so far refused to strengthen scientific cooperation with Taiwan, citing respect for the One China policy and fearing economic repercussions from Beijing.


European Institutional Complexities and EU-Taiwan Relations

East Asia Forum

The European Union and its member states are enhancing their political relations with Taiwan, but it comes more expressly from the action of their legislative branches rather than their executive actors.


Pelosi Visit to Taiwan May Prompt More High-Level Visits

Voice of America

Analysts say China may be losing the narrative on the “One China” policy because visits such as Pelosi’s bring more international exposure and recognition of Taiwan.


China Tensions Push India and Taiwan Closer Together

Deutsche Welle

India is seeing public opinion drastically shift in favor of Taiwan amid growing anti-Beijing sentiments. But will New Delhi risk its Asian rival's wrath for stronger ties with Taipei?


US Adjusts Taiwan Policy, Declassifies Cables

Voice of America

The U.S. and Taiwan are starting a new bilateral economic dialogue after Taiwan announced last week its plans to remove restrictions on American pork and beef imports. Some experts see the dialogue as a move toward a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Taiwan.

捷克參議院議長維特齊率團訪台 手臂互碰取代握手

China’s 'Coercive Diplomacy' Backfires as Czech Delegation Visits Taiwan

Voice of America

In defiance of China, a delegation led by Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil, arrived in Taiwan on a six-day visit – the highest-level exchange between the two countries to cement economic and cultural ties.


Taiwan Accuses Germany of Discrimination After Flag Removal 

Deutsche Welle

German Foreign Ministry removed the national flag of the Republic of China, Taiwan's formal name, citing "One China Policy" as its reasoning.


What Is Taiwan’s Legal Status According to International Law, Japan, and the US?

Li Kua-teng

Legally, Taiwan is a piece of territory that was "never returned" properly. What roles have Japan and the United States played historically?


Looking Back at 40 Years of US-Taiwan Ties Under the Taiwan Relations Act

Taiwan Insight

The Taiwan Relations Act has provided for stability in US-Taiwan relations while allowing for enough ambiguity to keep Beijing at bay.


5 Ways the US and Taiwan Can Strengthen Ties and Check China in 2019

Kent Wang

The time is now for the US to recalibrate its China policy to support Taiwan and adapt to a changing Asia-Pacific security climate, writes Kent Wang.

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