Pakatan Harapan


Anwar’s Victory Not the Only Malaysian Shockwave

The Interpreter

A dramatic rise in the Islamist vote in the Muslim-majority country is the biggest outcome of the election.


Malaysia’s Institutional Uncertainty

East Asia Forum

Despite graft conviction, Najib Razak’s return to power could be imaginable given the power dynamics in UMNO. As a first step, he is now seeking a pardon from the king.


MALAYSIA: Women's Day Organizers Probed for Sedition After Controversy

Mong Palatino

At least seven Women's Day march organizers in Malaysia were told by police they could face sanctions for possible violations of the Sedition Act and Peaceful Assembly Act.


The Challenges of Delivering a New Deal for Malaysia

East Asia Forum

A motley ruling coalition faces tough challenges in executing systemic reform.


Malaysia PM Najib Set to Retain Power Despite 1MDB Scandal

James Chin

Deft diplomatic manipulation and a split opposition will likely see the Malaysian PM retain power in elections set for early next year.


A Roadmap for Breaking Malaysia's 'One Party State'

Wong Chin Huat

With the right balance of change and continuity guided principally by a two-stage roadmap, there is hope that PH may just garner enough Malay and non-Malay voters to end UMNO’s corrupt party-state.

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