Indian Prime Minister Modi's China Summit Explained

Sumit Kumar

The informal summit meeting between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping arrested a decline in bilateral ties but should serve as a floor for a more comprehensive framework to resolve disputes.


China Stoking Nationalist Fires in Doklam Border Dispute

Yvonne Chiu

China's recent dispute with India on the border with Bhutan shows how Beijing wields its international clout to boost domestic legitimacy.


India vs China: Who Really Won at Doklam

Rory Medcalf

Unless China brings back the bulldozers soon, India will have won this round. And it did so without substantial involvement by the US.

Colorful Asia political map with clearly labeled, separated layers. Vector illustration. — Vector by delpieroo

India-China Standoff Paves Way for Downward Spiral in Indian Ocean Tensions

David Brewster

It is quite possible that the deterioration of relations between China and India – and the mutual provocations that have gone with it – may spur China to take a more forthright naval role in Gwadar or elsewhere in the Indian Ocean.

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