CARTOON: Taiwan Work Is Never Over

Stellina Chen

Taiwan has the sixth highest average work hours in the world, yet revisions to the Labor Standards Act suggested this week by the government roll back hard-fought victories for labor rights secured last year, and leave the door open for employers to exploit workers unprotected by unions.


To the End of Overtime: Is 'Dispatch' the Future of Work in Taiwan?

As part-time or short-term jobs become more common, Taiwan is considering legislation to regulate non-conventional employment.


Sleep Quality a Fleeting Chinese Dream

Yuan-Ming Chiao

'Three new highs: high property prices, high living costs and high overwork.'


Why Welfare Is Still Better Than Work for Some of China’s Poor

Wang Junhui

Fearing their payments will stop if they earn too much, families aren’t taking the chance to be better-off.


No More Internet at Work for Civil Servants?


Malaysia is to study separating Internet from public sector work computers, following Singapore's lead.

教育 大學生 畢業

Work Permit Application Procedure to be Simplified for Overseas Chinese Students

Shih Yuan

The Ministry of Labor believes overseas Chinese students who choose to stay and work in Taiwan have work-related knowledge, foreign language skills and other professional competence. They are also familiar with their own countries and the Taiwanese society, which complements Taiwanese college graduates.

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