Pokémon Go


Meet Taiwan's Grandpa Pokémon


An enterprising Taiwanese grandpa almost certainly has considerably more rare Pokémon than you.


#CatchEmAll: the Geopolitics of Pokémon GO in Asia

Danielle Cave

Danielle Cave looks at how a viral mobile video game reflects regional tensions and challenging the state.


Taiwanese Police Struggle to Control Pokémon Go Fever

Olivia Yang

A stampede of Pokémon Go players hit Taipei over the weekend and police are having difficulty controlling the crowd. But Taiwan isn't the only Asian country trying to deal with swarms of gamers.


INTERVIEW: Diaries of Taiwan's Pokemon Addicts

TNL Staff

The News Lens International talks to a group of people caught chasing digital monsters around Taipei.


More Than 300 People Fined for Playing Pokémon Go in Taiwan

Yuan-ling Liang

The mobile game has finally been released in Taiwan, causing disturbances as people have been playing in the streets or while driving.


Governments Worry Pokémon Go Could Threaten National Security

ZiQing Low

Indonesia has already started banning the game, even though it is not available yet in the country.


Japan, Asia Pokémon Go Release Postponed Again

ZiQing Low

The game’s release on Wednesday was cancelled again due to fears that the surge of players would overload game-maker Niantic's servers.


Will Pokémon Go be Released in Taiwan?

Hsu Chia-yu

There is no set date for the re-release of the smartphone game on the Taiwanese market.

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