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What Does the US Republican Presidential Primary Imply for Taiwan?

TNL Feature

The 2024 Republican primary campaign is in full swing and there is a significant chance Democrats lose the White House next November, making the Republican presidential primary candidates' opinions on Taiwan-related policy increasingly important for this self-ruled island.


The Korean Peninsula: Why 2023 Will Not Be Like 2017

The Interpreter

With Pyongyang provoking with purpose, the temperament of the White House will determine whether there will be a a repeat of the 2017 days of “fire and fury.”


Solomon Islands: US, Australia Raise Concerns Over China Security Pact

Deutsche Welle

On Tuesday, China confirmed it had sealed a security pact with the Solomon Islands, which raised concerns over a potential Chinese military presence less than 2,000 km from Australia’s shores.


US Congress Moves Closer to Passing Major China Legislation

Voice of America

The legislation provides funding for U.S.-Taiwan cultural exchanges, recognizes Taiwan as part of the Indo-Pacific strategy, and ends a prohibition of displaying the Taiwanese flag during official visits.


Japanese PM Faces Tough Balancing Act Between US, China

Voice of America

Japanese Prime Minister will be the first foreign leader to meet Biden at the White House.


Thailand’s Junta Courts the White House as 'Democracy' Drops from US Agenda

Matthew Phillips

Secretary of State Tillerson has already indicated that the State Department is considering dropping 'democracy' from its global mission. On Tuesday, he kept his word.

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