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Indonesia, Malaysia Deploy Ministers To Push Back on EU Palm Oil Restrictions


The world’s two biggest palm oil producers have long protested EU policies against palm oil, calling them discriminatory and protectionist of Europe’s own oilseeds industry.


Asian Banks Are Giving Billions to Companies Linked With Deforestation


According to a recent analysis and report, financial backing for palm oil, pulp and paper and other industries associated with forest loss in Southeast Asia is estimated to have topped US$60 billion over the past five years.


'Transboundary Haze': The Seasonal Pollution Plaguing Southeast Asia

AsiaGlobal Online

A researcher says ASEAN states are not doing enough about the region's seasonal pollution problem.


INDONESIA: Palm Oil Linked to Deforestation Remains on Store Shelves


Global consumer brands like Unilever, Nestlé and PepsiCo continue to buy palm oil from lawless brands which contribute to Indonesian deforestation.


The Crushing Carbon Cost of Palm Oil Plantations


New research has found that each hectare of rainforest used for oil palm production is responsible for even higher carbon emissions than originally believed.


Indonesia Elections: Corruption, Land Sales and Environmental Crisis


Land sales by corrupt politicians to pay off corporate donors are driving electoral, environmental and social crises in the Indonesia.


INDONESIA: Report Exposes Multinational Brands' Exposure to Palm Oil Abuses


Lembaga Tabung Haji supplies major refiners and users of palm oil such as Wilmar, ADM, Nestlé and Unilever, some of which have promised to stop sourcing palm oil linked to environmental destruction.

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