To What Extent Do South Koreans Perceive North Korean Cyberattacks as a Threat?

Timothy S. Rich

A recent survey of South Koreans indicates that cyberattacks are viewed as a threat comparable to nuclear weapons, particularly among the elderly.


China Leads in Race for Digital Currency

Deutsche Welle

China's central bank has made steady advances in its goal of launching the world's first major sovereign digital currency.


What Does 'Blockchain With Chinese Characteristics' Mean?

The Interpreter

Cryptocurrency made a comeback after Chinese President Xi Jinping called for blockchain technology development. What would blockchain even look like in a heavily monitored society?


China's Bitcoin Mining Supremacy Is Scaring US Companies & Regulators

The Trump administration is using trade war tariffs to go after manufacturers of Chinese crypto mining equipment.


How Japan Is Regulating Its Way to Asian Crypto Leadership

Japan's path to crypto supremacy is distinguished by clear and timely regulatory intervention.


INTERVIEW: Formosa Financial CEO Ryan Terribilini on Banking for ICO Innovators

David Green

The bank's core offering of custodial, brokerage and risk management services for crypto companies is unique.


Q&A: Human Rights Foundation's Gladstein on Bitcoin Versus Authoritarianism

David Green

If there is one thing able to stop the Chinese panopticon, it might just be Bitcoin.

Block Guardian

Block Guardian: Reflecting on the 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit

David Green

The summit showed how events like this should be done while providing food for thought for casual observers and blockchain buffs alike.

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