Why Northeast China's 'Rust Belt' Is Crucial to Xi Jinping's 'Chinese Dream'

East Asia Forum

No leader since Mao has truly placated the residents of northeast China. Xi Jinping is trying.


Fast-Fading Memories of Harbin’s Migrant History

Ma Te

A stream of Russian refugees once made the far-flung northeastern city their home, but now only a handful of descendants remain to tell their stories.


Orthodox Churches, Unorthodox Histories in China’s Far Northeast

Ma Te

In icy Harbin, a smattering of crumbling onion domes unmasks the city’s past life as a melting pot of European, Russian and Chinese culture.


One Hundred Years of Northeast China’s Frontier Railway

Ma Te

The Russian-built China Eastern Railway, once the most advanced transport route in the world, has now fallen on hard times.

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