How Can the UK Promote ‘Safe Migration’ for the Vietnamese Community?

The Conversation

The U.K. has such a big appeal for the Vietnamese that many are willing to risk their lives on a perilous journey. But has the U.K. done anything to resolve the migrant problem?


OPINION: In Kaohsiung, There Are Limits to the Multilingual Love

Eryk Smith

The axes are out for a politician advocating for languages other than English and Chinese to be kept out of the classroom.


The Scholar Spreading Vietnamese Culture Through Food


Linh Nguyen shares her insights on the Vietnamese cooking culture.


Exploring What It Means to Be Young and Vietnamese


Hanoi-based podcast, 'The Renovation Generation,' is bringing to light how Vietnam's young population is diverse, complex and full of stories.


Why 40 Percent of Vietnamese People Have the Same Last Name

Dan Nosowitz

Everyone knows a Nguyen, but how did that come to be?

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