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Myanmar’s Military Reaches Into Migrant Pockets

East Asia Forum

Recent orders issued by Myanmar’s junta will result in higher costs and lower disposable income for migrant workers.


Labor Rights Groups Protest Against Plan To Hire More Migrant Workers

TNL Staff

Labor rights groups say the government’s plan to hire an additional 28,000 migrant workers will exacerbate exploitation.


What Taiwan’s Intermediate Skilled Manpower Classification Means

Michael Fahey

Taiwan’s new “intermediate skilled manpower” classification has potential to benefit migrant workers and create a more diverse society in the long term. But there is a risk of developing a permanent underclass unable to fully participate in the economic, social, and cultural mainstream of Taiwanese life.


Singaporeans Are Upset About Covid Restrictions. Will They Notice Migrant Workers?

Kirsten Han

There are likely more people upset about being blocked from going to a restaurant or a gym, because of their vaccination status, than people upset about the prolonged and unfair confinement of tens of thousands of men regardless of their vaccination status.


Between Miaoli and Taoyuan: Taiwan’s Response to Migrant Worker Rights at an Intersection

Syrena Lin

Miaoli was under fire for confining migrant workers to their dorms in response to a cluster of Covid-19 cases at factories. Taoyuan’s approach is a reminder that it could have been handled better.

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Taiwan Approves up to NT$840 Billion for Covid Relief

TNL Staff

Middle and low-income households are eligible for subsidies, along with workers in certain industries. Migrant workers and other non-citizen residents, however, are not explicitly included for relief in the measures made public today.


Not Obedience But Dignity: A Message From a Former Migrant Worker

Taiwan Insight

A former domestic worker in Hong Kong for over ten years, Iweng Karsiwen is currently the Chair of Families of Indonesian Migrant Workers (Kabar Bumi). In this exposé, Iweng tells of her experience and challenges with the industry.


Indonesia Delays Migrant Worker Fee Exemption

Bryan Chou

Indonesia’s state agency in charge of migrant worker protection announced today that it will delay the implementation of the “exemption of placement fee policy” by six months.

Indonesian workers protesting against the brokerage system outside the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei in November, 2019.

What Can Taiwan Learn From South Korea in Recruiting Migrant Workers?

Bryan Chou

Taiwan has had a labor brokerage system for migrant workers in place for around three decades, but calls are mounting for the government to replace it with a direct-hire scheme. How should Taiwan do it?


Equal Rights for Migrant Workers Now

Joe Henley

There are 800,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan doing the jobs locals don’t want or aspire to. They deserve equal rights.

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