border dispute


India Protests Chinese Map Claiming Disputed Territories

Voice of America

India has lodged a strong protest with China after Beijing released a map showing disputed territory as Chinese territory.


China-India: Talk Is Cheap, but Never Free

The Interpreter

There are many reasons all parties should avoid a second Sino-Indian border war – the costs of conversation are only one of many factors that would delay conflict resolution.


China Stoking Nationalist Fires in Doklam Border Dispute

Yvonne Chiu

China's recent dispute with India on the border with Bhutan shows how Beijing wields its international clout to boost domestic legitimacy.


Turn to Eastern Thinking to Heal the India-China Border Trauma and Avoid Nuclear Tension

L.H.M. Ling

India and China could re-conceive and resolve their simmering border disputes by casting aside traditional power politics and drawing on their shared heritage, L.H.M Ling writes.

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