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Belt and Road


China Cuts US$2.7b Fishing Deal With Madagascar, Angering Locals


A fishing rights deal with China has infuriated the people of Madagascar. The sitting president, running for re-election in a vote held on Wednesday (Nov. 7), is right in the thick of it.


For China, the Belt and Road May Serve Critical Domestic Needs

Policy Forum

The world is focusing on impacts for Belt and Road contact countries, but what's in it for China?


Did Brazil Just Elect an Anti-China President in Jair Bolsonaro?

Diálogo Chino

The far-right Bolsonaro, who visited Taiwan in February 2018, has criticized Chinese investment in Brazil.


Guess Who's Back: Xi Sheds Low Profile to Navigate the Trade War

China Brief

Xi Jinping laid low throughout the summer, leading to rabid speculation from China watchers. He's back now, but is he here to stay?


Modernizing Malaysia: Port City Sees Pitfalls of Chinese Investment


Malaysia's Kuantan Port worries about lasting environmental impacts after a Chinese infrastructure project was canceled.


Modernizing Malaysia: Protests Force Chinese Builder into Eco-Friendliness


Is the China-backed Forest City a glimpse into the future, or a looming ecological crisis? Malaysians are sharply divided.


Academic Assault on Xi's Policies Hints at Scaled Back Belt and Road

China Brief

Xi Jinping's Belt and Road has been subjected to a flurry of academic criticism, a sign of brewing discontent over what is seen as excessive spending on 'foreign aid'.

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