Belt and Road


Xinjiang Casts Uncertainty Over the Belt and Road Initiative

East Asia Forum

Xinjiang is at the heart of China's Belt and Road Initiative, but instability in the region could cause stagnation to China's itinerary.


The Maoist Guerrillas of the Philippines Are Now Pointing Their Guns at China

Michael Beltran

The New People's Army and affiliated communist groups in the Philippines have no love for the modern-day Chinese Communist Party.


China's Belt and Road Runs Wild From London to Kampala

The Conversation

Two major projects in the UK and Uganda have locals worried they will lose control over their cities.


PHOTO STORY: China Slices Through Laos With New High-Speed Railway

Surya Chuen

Photojournalist Surya Chuen follows the path of Chinese development through rural northern Laos.


ANALYSIS: Will China Help or Hinder the Rise of Africa?

AsiaGlobal Online

China's plans to boost its investment in Africa have been obstructed by concerns of a 'new colonialism.'


What's Behind China's Belt and Road 'Smart Power' Push in Southeast Asia?

Asia Dialogue

The presence and mobility of the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asian countries plays a large role in China's BRI success.

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