BBC News Chinese Officially Launches On The News Lens, Providing Diverse and In-Depth International Perspectives

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The News Lens has officially launched an agreement to share articles and illustrations from BBC News Chinese. The agreement will take effect in July 2022. BBC News Chinese provides objective, timely, and accurate articles and analyses, closely follows the global pulse, and further enriches the international perspective that TNL has been cultivating for years.


BBC Journalist Leaves China Over Concerns for His Safety

Voice of America

John Sudworth’s move to Taiwan comes amid China’s criticism of BBC’s domestic news coverage.


China's CGTN Public Broadcaster Is Hungry for Australian Viewership

The Interpreter

Can the China Global Television Network, a reboot of CCTV, compete with BBC and CNN?


It’s No BBC: 20 Dismal Years of Taiwan’s Underfunded PTS Public Broadcaster

Lo Huei-wen

As Taiwan's public broadcaster forges into the digital age, the government must get serious about funding the network for it to realize its potential.


Brawls in Taiwan’s Parliament Not a 'Way of Life'

J. Michael Cole

'It is downright unfair of media like the BBC to claim that this is the normal way things are carried out at Taiwan’s legislature,' says J. Michael Cole.

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