Liu Xia


Sculpture Honoring Chinese Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Unveiled in Taipei

Nick Aspinwall

One year after his death in captivity, the Nobel laureate and prominent Chinese dissident was commemorated in a small gathering near Taipei 101.


OPINION: Liu Xia's Release Restricted While Brother Remains Detained

Jerome Alan Cohen

The widow of the Nobel Peace Prize winner is enduring a new form of mental detention while her brother remains retained.

AP_172291242348 劉曉波

Sen. Marco Rubio: An Open Letter to Liu Xia, Widow of Liu Xiaobo


Read the US senator's letter to the Nobel Peace Prize recipient's widow.

RTR24YXN 劉曉波 劉霞

Liu Xiaobo’s Lawyer to Testify before US Congress as Focus Turns to Widow

TNL Staff

As attention now turns to freeing Liu Xia, will the White House pressure China on its human rights abuses?

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